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What Keeps Me From Writing Essay - 1063 Words

What Keeps Me From Writing When I was a child I liked to write letters to my friends. I had a lot of pen-pals. Also, I had no problems with essays during my grade school years. I did not need much time to create an essay, or a journal, or something else for my writing class. The older I become, the more difficult it gets for me to write. Perhaps, I have more problems, needs, or other various things in my life that keep me from being able to focus on writing. Therefore, when I read â€Å"The Watcher at the Gates† by Gail Godwin, I saw myself there. In this essay, Godwin illustrates examples of many things that may be obstacles to some people to start writing. Also, she suggests several ways that may help people to overcome such a problem.†¦show more content†¦What’s next?† This may last ten minutes, or twenty, or even an hour. Sometimes, I just put all of my papers away and do something else, but usually (I have already begun!) I don’t allow myself to give up writing. Also, I tell myself, â€Å"I should write because I must, because I will write this anyway today or tomorrow. Why not do it right now?! So, write!† In addition, I try to begin from the middle. For example, if I need to write an essay, I don’t always begin with an introduction. Often, I write body paragraphs, then introduction. Then I may correct my paragraphs or even swap them, and then I write a conclusion. Very rarely do I write a conclusion first, and then the rest of the essay. Although it may look funny to start an essay with a conclusion, sometimes this helps me to stick around and continue writing. Homework for a different class, some reading assignments, housework, or (to make a long story short) other important things are my next excuse to avoid writing. Like writers, those watchers tell them, â€Å" ‘Don’t try and continue with your book till your dental appointment is over’ †, I yield to a pull to do some other things, which seem to me very urgent and the most significant in the world. For example, when I think that I need to write an essay, I suddenly remember that there will be a test tomorrow, and I need to reread several chapters for that test or I need to start cooking because myShow MoreRelatedThe Importance Of Reading And Writing782 Words   |  4 Pagesreading and writing is important, because of this I look up interesting facts about reading and writing, which I ‘d like to share. The importance of reading is 50 percent of U.S adults can’t read a grade book. 33 percent of high school graduates will never real open a book afte r high school. Also, In United States four out of 5 students are not proficient writers. About 17 percent of college freshman required remedial writing classes .I believe reading can be compared breathing I and writing can be comparedRead MoreMy Most Memorable Experience938 Words   |  4 Pagesimmersed in a well-written novel. Having that said I have had several experiences where reading has helped me to become a better writer. When writing I tend to lack an ability to keep my writer interested. The more I have read, the more I have found new ways to keep my readers entwined to what I want to say when using tone or writing style. By reading many books I have found new ways to make my writing exceptional. My most memorable experience started my first day of my Junior-Senior year. I walked intoRead MoreMy Journey Through Reading And Writing963 Words   |  4 PagesMy journey through reading and writing started once I started school. I don’t remember the early years but they laid down a foundation for me. It got me to where I am today. I love reading for pleasure but I want to be more open to different types of genres. I’m not the best writer but I try my best to write well. I have a strong approach to writing an essay but when it comes to actually writing, I don’t feel too confident. I hope that this year will help me become a better reader and writer. MyRead MoreThe Writing Process, By Anne Lamott, And Write Before Writing By Donald M. Murray1303 Words   |  6 PagesThe Writing Process After examining â€Å"Shitty First Drafts†, by Anne Lamott, and â€Å"Write before Writing†, by Donald M. Murray, each writing process has some good prospects. Anne Lamott is a little crazy, but passionate writer that can really surprize you. In Anne Lamott s article â€Å"Shitty First Drafts†, she believes that any writer should write a shitty first draft, and that’s how anyone ends up with a better second draft and a â€Å"terrific third draft† .Lamott declares in order to be good, the writerRead MoreI Am A Student At Colorado Christian University For About A Year963 Words   |  4 Pageshave grown and learned more on different skills of writing. I been a student at Colorado Christian University for about a year. One specific experiences that I’d recall, was when I had to write a letter to a co-worker. I thought I communicated well, however the feedback that I received told me the opposite. The co-worker told me that I had broken English in my writing. He told me that he was confused on what I was trying to explain. Even though what he said was true, I was upset. I didn t realizeRead MorePersonal Reflection846 Words   |  4 Pagesproject, that I believed that it could have been helpful for me to practice and improve my English writing. Since the start of the semester, I was always understanding well the instructions given to us for all our tasks, such as the Personal Project Design or Annotated Bibliography. However, I was uncertain at the start of the personal project, but by making my own research, I could understand better, and work on it properly, which also gave me more confidence into myself, to see that I was able to fixRead MoreMy Opinion On English 101952 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish 101 has helped shape my writing in so many ways. I have grown and became more confident in the skills I portray. In-class workshops helped me to receive feedback and new ideas from my peers. My view of English has changed drastically for the best. Along with my writing skills my reading and critical thinking skills have also improved. I learned the importance of using ethos, pathos, and logos. Putting text in dialog has been a struggle for me in the past but I now have a better grasp on itRead More Lessons about Writing in the Works of Various Artists1469 Words   |  6 PagesOne such essay is ?Writing for an Audience,? by Linda Flower. She believes that a good piece of writing closes the gap bet ween the reader and the writer. Another essay that I will be looking at is Getting Started,? by Anne Lamott. She believes that good writing is about telling the truth. Patricia T. O?Conner wrote an interesting essay titled ?Saying is Believing.? In it, she tells us that a good writer is one that you can read without breaking a sweat. Which leads me to the final essayRead MoreProcess Analysis Reflection1066 Words   |  5 Pagesway and perfect what they thought was good writing. Little did I know everyone’s writing style is good in its own way. This academic writing class proved to me that no writing style is right or wrong, but instead all writing styles have their own uniqueness and character to them. After reading the assigned articles and analyzing the writing process and other topics discussed in this class, I now see writing as an extraordinary process that is different for everyone. After writing papers and gettingRead MoreWhen Reflecting On What Made Me The Writ er I Am Today,1672 Words   |  7 Pages When reflecting on what made me the writer I am today, my first thought was, â€Å"Well clearly, I’m a writer because I’m a reader.† As a child, I devoured all kinds of books and spent hours on exploits in different worlds, with Harry and the gang at Hogwarts, or with the Pevensie kids in Narnia. And I thought that inevitably and gradually, reading is what led me to create my own universes and stories through writing. In fact, one of my first memories associated with writing was winning third place

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