Monday, February 10, 2020

Work Experiences in School Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Work Experiences in School - Essay Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that working while still in school is beneficial because it gives us a good â€Å"feel† to know and realize what kind of careers we really like. In my case, I love media and film and this linking to media and film is an informed decision because I already have several work experiences as a model, promoter of boutiques and staff crew of many comedy shows. These experiences made me realized what I really wanted to pursue in the future and helped me shape as a would-be professional. These experiences helped shape my values and expectations because it made me take my studies seriously especially those that I know will be needed in the real world setting. Doing this kind of preparation during my formative years is already shaping my values.  In general, my work experiences were pleasant but of course, I also had a share of not so good work experiences like having a stubborn boss. But these experiences, both the good and the bad, made me a better person and student. My work experiences did not only give me a realistic perspective about work and career but it also helped me shape as a person. I can only wish that every student will have the same work experiences that I have so that they will have the right perspective about work while still in school.  I have benefited so much from it and I believe that the biggest benefit I gained from working was the realization of what kind of career that I really wanted to pursue - a career that I would be like doing not just merely having a job but doing what makes me happy. I am fortunate because I have this realization while still in school where I can still shape my future to become a better professional in the future and a happier individual doing a career that I love best.

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